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Open Door House Ministries

Matthew 25:40
"And the King replied, Inasmuch as you have done unto the least of them, you have also done unto me."
Pastor Charlette shared that when God first gave her the vision to pastor a church, she was quite hesitant. Being that she had been legally blind for seven years, Thompson says that God opened her "spiritual eyes." " I saw more when I was blind than when I had 20/20 vision!" Thompson proclaimed. Thompson knew that the vineyard that God assigned her was going to be tough; she accepted God's charge. After finally heeding to God's sacred call of pastoring, Charlette and her husband Richard began their unquenchable journey towards transforming the lives of those in their community through the power and anointing of God.

"The kind of people that God has given us are people that most churches wouldn't accept; those that are the misfits in society. God wants us to reach out to the drug dealers and the prostitutes; the ones that no one else will accept in their church. He told me that this church wouldn't be "church as usual"; we would be set apart from most, so He called it Open Door House Ministries," Thompson said.



Tue: Outreach Feeding Ministry

Location: Under Vine St. bridge, across from LexTran bus station Time: 6-7pm

Wed: Youth Bible Study

Location: Church

Time: 6-7pm

Thu: Bible Study

Location: Church

Time: 7-8pm

Sun: Corporate Worship

Location: Church

Time: 3pm- until



Thank you so much for visiting our page! Open Door House Ministries is a non -profit organization and are always accepting donations of all kinds. If you would like to donate (food, clothing, money, etc) please submit your information below and we will contact you. Thank you again and many blessings!

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